Affordable Housing or Pigeon Boxes

pigeonboxesBy Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, Phd

In the name of Affordable Housing and to avail all the big advantage government has announced to facilitate affordable housing, projects are planned to construct Pigeon Boxes. World Habitat Council and various housing agencies in India including state housing board have adopted a practice to have atleast 400 sq ft as unit for Affordable Housing under Economical Weaker Section (EWS) and LIG.

The attractive price are kept on launch as Rs.12,00,000/- on wards but actually carpet area of such housing units are mere 185 sq ft or sometime less. These projects are planned where land is cheap or on the out skirts of city limits. The rate comes to Rs 6000/- per sq ft where it should be less than Rs 2000/- per sq ft.

Massive projects under Affordable Housing are been launched and claiming cash incentives of Rs2,50,000/- from PMAY besides no service tax, VAT, 100% profit exemption under 80 IBa and many other benefits under National Housing Bank’s subsidy for interest on home loan.

In the name of Affordable Housing in mufsil areas, projects are constructing Pigeon boxes of mere 185 sq ft where people are fooled with lower price which is notional and indicative which is wrong.

How authorities are sanctioning such small size non habitable units? In the name of home or studio apartments, projects are making bathroom size homes to live?

What quality of construction they give you can imagine. On pre launch, hundreds and thousands of such units are booked and poor homeless people book by giving token amount which is never refunded by builders. SEBI and EW are sleeping over such scheme which is nothing but a deposit scheme floated.

Private builders, many of them, have started such projects which should be called as Pigeon Boxes.



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