After Retail Success of Japanese Chains, Hamee Looking to Replicate E-commerce Growth in India

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By Accommodation Times Bureau


India, being the second most populous country in the world, has been an attraction for a large group of investors from around the globe to expand to new business opportunities and to capitalize on the growth. Having the youngest population percentage in the world, the country has dominance over the market trends as the market seems to move largely by the millennial groups. On this note, the Japanese investors at large, have been attracted to the market lately and have been investing in both medium to larger size organizations seeing the huge potential being offered. Many brands have been expanding to retail chain stores in India while targeting groups that look into affordable products with a quality value to it.

Another Japanese chain Hamee has entered India, which targets the same market via online channels and provides affordable products while targeting the millennials and understanding the user behaviour in this market.

Hamee India is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Hamee Corporation Japan, which is a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. They are coming up with a huge range of daily affordable accessories for the youth, while moving forward in support of Make-in-India and sourcing goods locally, which would completely support the Indian market’s overall growth.

Pratik Nayek, the Director of Hamee India said, “Since Japanese technology has always fascinated us with quirky stuff and extraordinary technology, we are planning to target thrifty shoppers in India with our huge range of products from Japan and India.”

“Being invested in by our parent company itself, we are currently working on an online-only model, which caters to pan-India customers via our chain of distributors. On seeing the trend across different cities, we will start expanding into the retail space in around late 2019, starting with offline pop-up stores in Tier 1 and 2 cities and may improvise as per the demand in the market,” he added.

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