Ahmadabad Authority to propose a rise in FSI

By Accommodation Times News Service

Raising the Floor Space Index (FSI) by up to 30% across Ahmadabad to create or to promote affordable housing units will encourage the new development plan likely to announce today. The plan which covers 1,772 sq m covering almost 68 villages is expected to raise the FSI from the existing 1.2 in R-2 zones construction of 1,200 sq yards on a plot of 1,000 sq yards to 1.8 thus paving way for vertical growth on outskirts.  The proposed changes in the development plan will bring out the alteration in the General Development Control Regulations (GDCR) aimed at bringing transparency and standardization ensuring minimum flexibility in interpretation. Planning of 68 villages will earmark land clearly for roads, residential areas, industrial and agriculture zones. The Ahmadabad Urban Authority (AUDA) will propose around 2.5 FSI for 70 meter tall buildings which is existing 1.8. Developers can also purchase a premium 0.45 FSI.

The state government is also thinking to raise the FSI along the BRTS and Metro rail corridors which will be transferable which means it can sold or leased to an adjacent plot owner. All this idea is to avoid any lop-sided and horizontal growth and boost high-rise development, affordable housing pockets.

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