Ahmedabad, a City on the threshold of a real estate boom

By Pallavii Pitale

Ahmedabad, the city well known for Art and Architecture is about to witness a big boom in the realty sector within next couple of years.

Lots of new developments are happening in the realty sector of the city.

With the ongoing pace, The city is expected to have large amount of new residential property units not less than 12,000 by the year 2012.

Most developments are expected to take place in the Northern and the Western parts of the city whereas the central Ahmedabad with areas like, Paldi, navrangpura, Ashram Rd, Vasna and Usmanpur are expected to show least developments.

The western part is coming up with residential plot schemes wherein all other areas are coming up with dwelling systems. According to a recent survey, a Housing Price Index ( HPI ) has shown 57% increase in the western parts, 55% increase in the northern parts and 17% increase in the areas like Bhadra, Dhudeshwar and Gaikwad Haveli since last year.

The city now is all set to become a shopper’s paradise too.

With already about 13 malls present in the city, 11 more malls with almost 5 million square feet of space are coming up in this single year in various parts like satellite, Gurukul, Wadaj, Chandkheda etc. With this there would be around 24 malls in the city by the end of this year which is a biggest influx of malls in the city history.

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