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By Accommodation Times News Service

After almost a decade of trial and error the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has finally inched forward to get an entire data related to the city’s civic services and individual property owners on a Geographical Information System (GIS) map. This would mean that that all real-time data on latest property tax bills issued to citizens and even whether they have paid or not will be up on a city map.

“The concerned ward officer has to just click on a particular property and all details of his past bills, whether there are any complaints lodged by the person regarding any civic services would be pop up. The GIS mapping will be the first such exercise to integrate various departments on a map. The information will be stored in a number of information layers,” says a senior AMC official.

The AMC has now invited experts to prepare a base map — which will be sourced from ISRO or any official government cartographic agency. After this the AMC would do a detailed utility mapping, which is water supply, sewerage, wastewater, storm water drains, sanitation facilities — which includes household, public or private properties. But with the GPS tracking devices in the process of being installed in door-to-door waste collection vans by the solid waste management department, the GIS system would work wonders by providing real time data.

“The GIS tool is to integrate all departments of the AMC on to a map. With this overlapping of functioning of various departments would help us take informed decisions that are contextual to the situation and location,” adds the official. The agency engaged for preparing the GIS map will superimpose town survey maps, mark existing slum and administrative boundaries and even generate building footprint and even mark existing water bodies, lakes and physical landmarks.


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