Ambuja Cement spearheads innovative Rooftop Rainwater Water Harvesting Services


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While major parts of India receive consistent rainfall through the year, access to clean drinking water is still a perennial problem in many regions of the country. At the same time several geographies are becoming prone to scarce rainfall and diminishing ground water levels. In the backdrop of rapid urbanization, the demand for water in real estate and infrastructure projects has been increasing significantly.

The proactive steps by the Government through Private -Public efforts are attempting to fill the enormous supply demand gap. However, a lot needs to be done to address the issue. Water management and storage techniques in India have also not evolved to a stage, where it can be efficiently stored and distributed.

As India continues to witness challenges pertaining to water conservation, corporates and citizens need to step forward to usher in a sustainable and independent approach to saving water. Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting (RRWH) is one such solution that empowers individual home owners to conserve water for consumption through the year.

Ambuja Cement has decided to champion the cause of Water Harvesting by introducing consultancy and installation rainwater harvesting services as an extension of its technical services.

Customers can avail of Ambuja’s Innovative Roof Rainwater Harvesting System which is installed once the roof of their bungalow is completed. Interestingly, a meagre 100 cm rainfall annually on a 1000 square feet roof can provide a full year’s supply of water for drinking and cooking purposes for a family of five.

Ambuja has developed its Roof Rainwater Harvesting technology through multiple reference codes, manuals and research reports. The rainwater is first collected through channel pipes or gutters made up of PVC or similar materials. A water filter is installed to remove all impurities present in the water collected. The filtered rain water is then stored in a storage tank which can be used for drinking and cooking purposes. The surplus water from the storage tank is discharged into a pit for ground water recharge. The average cost of installing the Roof Water Harvesting system in an individual house which includes plumbing, filter, storage tank and percolation pit installation is around Rs. 40,000

  • IHB Customers covered in RTRWH clinic                14937 nos.
  • Contractors covered in Applicator Module              5072 nos.
  • Identified customers for RTRWH Solution              969 nos.
  • On site implementation in progress                             406 nos.
  • On Site Implementation Completed                              216nos.

(As on December 31, 2016)

Ambuja has been encouraging Roof Rainwater Harvesting services among customers and business associates through itsoff-line network and digital platforms. Several local administrative bodies have joined hands with Ambuja to create awareness and execute the system in small towns.

Ambuja RRWH solutions are available with Ambuja Experts guidance at all district headquarters & sub-centers totalling to 691 centers in our operating core markets.

For availing RRWH solutions, one needs to get in touch with Ambuja Engineer or nearest authorized Ambuja dealer

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