AMRUT Action Plans for 81 cities approved by government

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Amrut Mission81 cities in Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha and Mizoram will invest Rs.5,748 cr to enhance basic infrastructure including water supply and sewerage connections under AMRUT action plans for the year 2015-16. An inter-ministerial Apex Committee headed by Shri Madhusudan Prasad, Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development has approved State Annual Action Plans(SAAP) of these five states which account for 81 mission cities. Central assistance will be provided to an extent of Rs.2,440 cr while the rest would be contributed by state governments and urban local bodies.

With about half of the urban households in these 81 cities not having water supply and sewerage connections, Rs.4,290 cr of the total approved outlay would go into providing household water supply connections and enhancing water supply in 53 cities. Rs.1,133 cr would be spent on providing sewerage connections in 41 cities. Rs.92 cr would be invested in storm water drainage projects in 14 cities, Rs.80 cr for promoting non-motorised public transport in 22 and Rs.113 cr for providing parks and green spaces in 76 mission cities.

State Annual Action Plans(SAAP) of each state is formulated by integrating Service Level Improvement Plans(SLIP) of each AMRUT city in respective state. SLIP of each mission city is evolved after a detailed analysis of gaps in basic infrastructure.

In these five states, extent of coverage of urban households with water supply connections ranged from 6% in Chaas(Jharkhand) to 59% in Balasore(Odisha). Only 7 cities in Madhya Pradesh i.e Chindwara, Khandwa, Mandsaur,Khargone, Neemuch, Betul and Dewas, the coverage is between 59% and 74%.

No sewerage connections are available in half of the Mission cities, while in the rest the coverage is in the range of 3% in Ratlam(MP) to 62% in Indore.

Under the SAAP approved for 2015-16 for improving basic infrastructure, Tamil Nadu with 27 AMRUT cities would invest Rs.3,249 cr followed by MP(32 cities)-1,656 cr, Odisha(9 cities)-456 cr, Jharkhand (7 cities)-Rs.313 cr and Mizoram will invest Rs.73 cr in the lone mission city of Aizawl.

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