Andhra Pradesh scores above 98% in ease of doing biz, Maha 93%

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By Rohit Sharma


In the battle of Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) the Minister of Commerce and Industry, C. R. Chaudhary, today in the Lok Sabha said nine states are the top achievers in EoDB and has scored above 95 per cent. In which Andhra Pradesh tops the list with 98.30 per cent and Maharashtra ranks 13 with 92.88 per cent score.

Minister stating a chart in which Himachal Pradesh, Assam and Bihar are categorised in fast movers. In Business Reform Action Plan 2017-18, 18 States have achieved a combined score (Reform evidence score and Feedback score) of more than 75%.

1 Andhra Pradesh 98.30
2 Telangana 98.28
3 Haryana 98.06
4 Jharkhand 98.05
5 Gujarat 97.99
6 Chhattisgarh 97.31
7 Madhya Pradesh 97.30
8 Karnataka 96.42
9 Rajasthan 95.70


ACHIEVERS (90 – 95%)
10 West Bengal 94.59
11 Uttarakhand 94.24
12 Uttar Pradesh 92.89
13 Maharashtra 92.88
14 Odisha 92.08
15 Tamil Nadu 90.68


FAST MOVERS (80 – 90%)
16 Himachal Pradesh 87.90
17 Assam 84.75
18 Bihar 81.91

The ease of doing business initiative of the government is achieved through Business Reform Action Plan wherein the endeavour is to make the processes simpler and transparent, reduce the timelines for various regulatory approvals and eliminate physical interface between the department and the business with the ultimate aim of increasing investments in the States and Union Territories (UTs). As a result of the Business Reform Action Plan Exercise 2017-18:

-19 State/UTs – Established specialized Commercial Courts in major towns/clusters in the state

-22 State/UTs – Reduced the number of documents required for obtaining electricity connection to only 2 as against 16 in 2016

-21 State/UTs- Designed and implemented online Single Window System with functionality for online application submission, payment and approvals

-12 State/UTs – Created an online single window system for uploading building plans and providing construction permits

-21 State/UTs -Digitized land transaction deeds of last 2 years at all sub-registrar offices

-16 States and UTs have a combined score of less than 50% under Business Reform Action Plan 2017-18.

In this regard, DIPP has taken numerous initiatives in 2017-18 such as conducting workshops nationwide with World Bank.

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