Ar Premnath win Award at Florida

IMG-20161123-WA0000-e1479980875992By Accommodation Times Times

Renowned Architect Premnath have won Award at Florida, seen in the photo with President Elect Donald Trump.

“An architect in today’s scenario is both an artist and an Engineer, who must combine knowledge of design and construction with the available resources in labor techniques and materials to produce a harmonious and functional work. He should foresee the changes anticipated with time and act upon it, to benefit society and promote excellence in the profession for a better World.”Ar. Prem Nath

On his entrance in the architectural and design work, Prem Nath says, “I was introduced to architecture by destiny as I was bad in English but good at sketching. Due to my bad English I could not work as typist or clerk and had to settle as a blue printing boy in an engineering firm. There I was encouraged to develop my talent in drawing and become a draftsman. So I joined JJ school of architecture in Mumbai.”

Ar. Prem Nath is also a chartered engineer, certified valuer and a real estate appraiser and one of the few people in India to have ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) certificate to practice in USA. He is broadly experienced in Eco-friendly and energy efficient Building Architecture & is a member of U.S Green Building Council & IGBC. Hence, the ‘Green Norms’ are followed in most of his projects.

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