AUDA will construct 25, 000 affordable houses for EWS, LIG and MIG categories

By Accommodation Times News Services

Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority has announced to construct 25, 000 affordable housing in the next five years. Working on the words of chief minister Narendra Modi’s poll promise of providing 50 lakh affordable houses in the state, the government agencies are putting their best measures to fulfill the promise. AUDA will be constructing the units for all the three groups, but they have reseved the major chunk of the units for lower income group (LIG).

They have reserved 54 per cent of the units for LIG people at the cost ranging from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 15 lakh, for middle income group people they have reserved 24 per cent of the units pricing up to Rs. 22 lakh and for economically weaker section (EWS) they will provide 22 per cent units at the costing around Rs. 3 lakh considering the subsidies provided by the government.

“The houses constructed will be available with a carpet area of 376.74 sq. ft. to 710.42 sq. ft. and will be divided amongst the three income groups, the units will be provided as 22 per cent for the MIG, 24 per cent for the EWS and the remaining 54 per cent for LIG,” said D Thara, AUDA CEO.

Further, Thara added, “Our aim is to provide standard quality of housing for the people, hence we have followed high construction standards and used good quality materials. The units constructed by AUDA will be as good as compared to the quality of private projects.”

The government agencies like Gujarat Housing Board (GHB) and AUDA are focusing to provide accommodation affordable housing for the three groups, they have set the target of constructing 22 lakh houses in the urban areas. AUDA has already commenced with work, they have floated tenders for constructing a housing colony at Vaishnodevi circle in Khodiyar village, providing 465 units. According, to the government officials says, the initiative implemented by government may private builders and developers stress bring a challenge for them. Bu, private builders and developers says, that there is no need of worry for them as they target higher income group (HIG) and high middle income group (HMIG), whereas, government is focusing more on EWS and LIG categories. People who are looking for luxuries units will approach us.

The experts says, the governments initiative may affect the small developers and builders as they mainly focus on LIG and MIG category buyers. The big developers will not be affected by this plan.

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