Award for Architect of the year was accorded to Ar. Vivek Bhole

By Accommodation Times News Services

IMG_1843Architect of the year was awarded to to none another then the famous and reputed architect Shri Vivek Bhole, Chairman & Managing Director, Vivek Bhole Architects Pvt. Ltd. Shri Ashok Mohanani and Shri Vashu Shroff presented the award to Shri Vivek Bhole.

Architect Vivek Bhole is a founder of one of India’s largest architectural firms, Neomodern Architects. He established the firm in 1996 and which has since then grown from strength to strength and now has a staff strength of over 240 and operates in more than 60 cities in India as well as international. He is designing more than 80 malls and over 16 star category hotels in India and UAE. He has won many prestigious competitions like Municipal Market at Jalgaon, Civic Centre at Jalgaon, Head office of MSRDC and Railway Terminus at Bandra. He is winner of more than 40 National and International awards.

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