Award for Land Aggregator of the year was presented to Shri Prashant Karulkar

By Accommodation Times News Services

IMG_1810Land Aggregator of the year was awarded to Shri. Prashant Karulkar, Director, Sai Rydam Realtors Pvt. Ltd. He received the award from Shri Vivek Bhole.

Mr. Prashant Arvind Karulkar is an Entrepreneur and a next Generation Realty Organization focusing on changing, with an acute business judgment, has a vast experience in land dealing. Recently, he had cracked India’s Biggest Prolific Land Deals on behalf of his organization with Sahara Group for 1111.5 Crores, where they acquired over 285 acres of land. Till now he has acquired around 2,000 acres land, out of which 800 acres is consumed for sand wick and 900 acres for residential development.

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