Bank sealing activity to start from today, Noida authority

By Accommodation Times (

The Supreme Court has ordered to ban 21 branches of banks in Noida Sector 19 as they have involved in commercial activities in residential areas, as in the eyes of law this has illegal action. The sealing drive of 21 banks is likely to begin today. The drive will likely to affect hundreds of establishments, including various local grocery stores.
In the aftermath of Apex Court’s judegement this is the very first time when Noida authorities have intimated on the issue to stop the commercial activities within the two months. On 4th December court has ordered to banks to stop the commercial activities and also has issued a notice to vacate the residential area within the two despite the several notices sent to them.
According to the senior officials of Noida authority, we will start sealing drive from today banks including nursing homes, which violate clauses of land.

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