Bathrooms today – The glamour rooms, with Green features

By Pallavii Pitale

From the communal baths existed in Rome and  Mohen-jo-Daro to today’s sophisticated ultra modern bathrooms, the very concept of the space has undergone a paradigm shift.

Originally developed  as common cleansing places before performing sacred acts, these communal baths are now the private spaces for comfort and relaxation. Over the  years, the concept has changed from mere cleansing to the high level of hygiene, comfort and glamour. Bathrooms today, have their own style statement and persona that can be added with one’s creativity, available funds, variety of materials, fittings and fixtures.

Now a days the bathrooms are used for anything from introspection and inspiration to indulging and pampering oneself. In recent years, the demand for customised and designer fittings has increased which has been taken care by Indian and International manufacturers collaborated with well known product designers that have brought distinctive products in the Indian sanitation market. Today’s modern designs of sanitaryware are with soft and straight lines and have simple yet bold appearance. The faucets and fittings have evolved from accessories to the pieces of art with stainless steel and chrome finishes. Other finishes like nickel are also available on customization.

Designer bathroom collections with variety of shapes, textures, patterns, and sizes in wall and floor tiles, designer collection of sanitary fittings in variety of colours, materials and finishes, beautiful light fixtures for toilets, exclusive arrangements of Jacuzzis, Steam and Sauna, Shower Panels and Cubicles, Exclusive hydro massage baths, Chroma therapy baths, various types of plumbing fittings for Bath and Shower areas , Wash Basins and W.C.s along with collections of shower curtains, Bath mats, and other accessories have helped create bathrooms as a retreat that is reminiscent of a luxury resort. With ever increasing pace of lif,e these private places are treated as the places for relaxation which help cater to the innermost desires of people.

Earlier the sanitary fittings and accessories were made without much concern for water savings but now with certain fittings it is possible to save water, that is the priority of times. A range of  Eco – smart products are now available in Indian market. There is a wide range of water efficient taps and showers along with sensor taps. Bath product companies are now realising the importance of water. They are coming up with new technologies to save the water with smart looking fittings. Some of the manufacturing companies have got the certification of  National Green Building Standards and LEED. The stress is more on reducing the usage of almost 50% of water yet  creating enjoyable experience without compromising on fun. These products now are gaining popularity among the designers as well as the end users.

Various innovative options of these fitting and fixtures are introduced in the markets by Indian as well as International companies like Hindware, Parryware, Ceraware, Jaquar, Somani, Duravit, Geberit, Hansgrohe, Kohler, Crabtree etc. A low flow flushing system, known as twin flush system is available in the market which uses only 6 litres of water for full flushing and a mere 3 litres of water for a half flush. Another new system recently introduced, is a nano flush that consumes only 1.5 litres of water for flushing the system effectively. A range of products with electronic control system are known for their hygienic properties as well as water saving capacities. Another such products especially for commercial interiors are infra red controlled censors for urinals, wash basins and flushing systems. Low- flow urinals that consume less water and a waterless urinals are available and are ideal for commercial areas. There are fittings available with in-built thermostat which controls temperature and reduce consumption of electricity, thereby saving on the electricity bills.

Though seemed little expensive than the normal fittings and fixtures, these water saving products are the need of times. By switching over to these solutions, a single household can save up to more than 1,00,000 litres of water per year. The commercial premises also can reduce considerable amount of water by opting for these fittings.

The technology now has become increasingly water conscious as far as the bath, basin and flushing systems are concerned with the emphasis on saving the water. The next generation revolutionary fittings would concentrate more on developing waste treatment systems to minimise the use of fresh water.

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