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By Accommodation Times Bureau

While 2017 was all about tropical greens and sophisticated warm hues, 2018 comes with a twist with statement colours bringing much more to the plate. Where summer and spring are usually concluded with vibrant and lively colours, this year, it’s all about the subtle, understated and balanced shades that are discreet but, will stand out.

With the ever-changing dynamics of this creative world, let’s unravel the upcoming trends for the season.

pinkPink as a neutral – Who knew!

Gone are those days when beige and browns were the only neutral shades when it came to interiors. For the year ahead, earthy tones like camel, tobacco, rust with warm and rich greys will create a perfect harmony in your living space. Millennial pink, especially for sofas or cushions, can add a sense of passion and zeal to the entire picture. Soft understated tints like sandy and millennial pinks reimagine the simple modern design and might give you that unexpected zest that you’ve been looking for!

mysticIt’s time to go dark and mystic

If you are a fan of minimalism and sophistication, this might cheer you up! Dark hues like plush blue and charcoal grey, coupled with wide wood planks will lay upon that elegant and stark spectacle. Wider planks have marked a return to a more grunge and vintage look, by providing the room with a sense of history and charm that is rarely found in most mass-engineered looks.



wabiSay hello to Wabi Sabi!

The Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, centres around embracing authenticity and “keeping it real” in the space we live in. It is an expression that celebrates the beauty in the naturally imperfect world. Glorifying the charm in asymmetry, these products become more attractive, revealing new layers of colour, texture and crackled effects. Give your home a perfect imperfection by placing a herringbone pattern wooden floor that not only looks groovy but also trendy. Taking this a notch higher, what if these ageless floors complement your timeless books? Pair your eternal classics with these ever-lasting floors and create a majestic aura right there in your home!

textureTextures, textures and yes, more textures!

Yes, they are all the blaze this season. Be it your veneers or your laminates, textures give a playful role to them with lots of embellishments, raw edges and appliqué details which are irresistible to the touch. Whatever the colour palette, fusing these can immediately create another layer of decoration and interest. Be it the subtle patterned rug, woven wicker furniture or the metal finishes, layers of textures will always give a soothing vibe to the room. From lush earth tones to the minimalist accents, these colours will definitely make your homes glee with childlike joy and at the same time will give you peace and relaxation.

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