Best Project Management Practices

Abhijit Pradhan, PMP®, Director, Big Bang Consultancy

 Managing projects in a structured and systematic way can give tremendous benefit to any project based organizations such as Infrastructure, Real Estate, IT, etc. Organizations are able to complete a number of projects within agreed timeline, budget and quality with the application of project management guidelines followed all over the world. One of the most popular guidelines is ‘Project Management Body Of Knowledge’ (PMBOK)®  and its published by US-based non-profit organization Project Management Institute (PMI)®. It has a presence in 188 countries and extensively used in India.

Let’s try to understand concepts and principles of guidelines through series of blogs.

What is project?

As per the definition of Project, it’s a timebound journey to achieve unique product, service or result.

A T20 match and a Project have a lot of similarities. In both the cases target needs to be achieved with limited resources.

In a T20 only 20 overs and 11 players are available for achieving the victory. Similarly in any Project, limited time and budget are available.

However, in T20, the team is not allowed to exceed 11 players and 20 overs. Consuming 20 overs or 11 players without achieving target means losing the match. Successful captains consistently overcome such constraints.

In Project, consuming more time and cost means project delay and cost overrun i.e losing our match. Can we consistently win this match? Let’s learn in the next series of a broadcast.


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