Bhandup Slums in Central Mumbai worst than Dharavi


By Accommodation Times News Services

Worst density of population at Bhandup beating Asia’s larget slum of Dharavi in Mumbai. The extended suburb of Mumbai is high density having 87% slums in the area. Bhandup is becoming Asia’s largest slum pocket where crime have increased many fold. In the night, it is very scary to move out as un social elements have undeclared kingdom here. Lack of water and poor sanitation made unhygienic conditions.

The property rates have started declining in the vicinity. The rates have fallen almost 200% since 2010-11. The ongoing rate is Rs.4500/- for ready construction and there are no takers. Biggest problem is water scarcity in the area. Other than this, un social element are always on the road making difficult to women come out at any hour of the day.

There are no roads, dirt roads and potholes allover the Bhandup east and west. Poor public transport and congested S V Road running near railway station have made life miserable. People are running away from Bhandup.

Pic Courtesy : Mid-Day

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