“Biggest” station cum mall coming at newly built Seawoods station

seawoods station

By Accommodation Times News Service

What is being billed as the biggest station-cum-shopping mall is set to open by the end of the month at newly built Seawoods station. The Central Railway (CR) plans to start running train services at the station within a month.

The new Seawoods station is built by City Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) with Larsen and Tourbo (L&T) and is a part of CIDCO’s plan to convert the railway station into a point of commerce as well easy movement within the city. “The line on which we currently run the rain comes to the left of the mall, so we will be changing the direction of the train only 10 to 20 metres further left from the current Seawoods station,” said an official on condition of anonymity.

The old lines will be used for things like parking an eventually for the planned Uran to Seawoods line which will take another two-years, “The Uran line still has a minimum of two years to start, so we will have to plan the operations at that time accordingly but for now we will have to take a block of a day on Sunday and run trains only till Vashi till we make the switch,” added the official.

The station will be the first of its kinds as the Indian Railways has yet to build such a station in Mumbai until now.

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