Bio- conservation zone villages’ demands rules relaxed in Hyderabad

By Accommodation News Service

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Region master plan which was approved by the municipal administration and urban development (MA & UD) department, inhabit ting 84 villages which fall under the bio- conservation zone, have decided to renew their demand  to relax rules for development of settlements. The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority has extended residential use zone (RS) for rural settlements in the master plan for 2031. For villages other than 84 in the bio-conversation zone, the authority has earmarked an additional 300- metre wide belt as residential zone. Buildings upto to the height of 10 metres would be allowed.

The locals of these villages and the state sarpanches association have been agitating on removing curbs on 84 villages and had even staged protest. They had even submitted a representation to HMDA for relaxations in the new master plan.

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