Birla Cement Launches Perfect Plus Construction Chemicals

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By Accommodation Times Bureau


Birla Corporation Limited, the flagship company of the MP Birla Group, announces the launch of wall putty and construction chemicals to supplement its premium Perfect Plus brand of cement. Birla Corporation is a top cement maker, with an annual production capacity of 15.5 million tons.

Sales of construction chemicals and additives in India are expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of around 15% till 2025, show multiple research. A wide variety of chemicals and additives is being developed and used in new age constructions, and the market for these is expected to grow, both vertically and horizontally, said in a statement.

With an eye on independent home builders, Birla Corporation is, for the first time, expanding outside its core business by adding products.

Three products – Perfect Plus IWP (integral waterproofing), Perfect Plus SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) Latex and Perfect Plus Wall Putty – has been launched.0020Perfect Plus IWP has unique water resistance properties whereas Perfect Plus SBR Latex is a multipurpose polymer-based waterproofing and repair solution.

“The introduction of these products by Birla Corporation will create a significant new revenue stream for the Company and all its trade partners,” said Sandip Ranjan Ghose, Executive President, Marketing, IT and Corporate Development.

Further added, this will also create opportunities for Birla Corporation to foster new partnerships with retailers of construction materials, such as hardware and paints.

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