BMC is committed to push housing industry: Ajoy Mehta

By Rohit Sharma


Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai, MCGM, Ajoy Mehta on Friday said, we would appreciate if all the suggestions and objections to come from various associations because it’s much more structure.

Recently the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) informed that suggestions and objections are opened for new Development Control and Promotional Regulations, 2034 (DCPR) until June 22.

While addressing the public in a seminar organized by Practicing Engineers Architects & Town Planners Association (PEATA) on the topic of ‘Impact of new DCPR 2034” On development of Mumbai, he said, “First and for most you all have to apply your mind for transition how will you  transit from 1991 to 2034. There is two aspect of transition; one from today to June 22 and the second transition is from June 22 to till EP is final”.

Regarding suggestions and objections, he said,  “First and for most, I want everyone, including even my all people and even Architects Fraternity, let us learn and change our mindset from criticism to construction”.

From the Architects I’m expecting constructive suggestion rather than criticism, he said.

Commissioner specified things to remember while filling suggestions and objections:

1) Every regulation must deliver something

2) Every regulation should have objective behind it

3) Regulation served the purpose or not

*Suggestions must fundamentality touched about certain issues:

– Is the regulation predictable?

– Efforts for regulation to keep simple

– Transparency in regulation

– Think logically

The Government and Corporation are committed to push the housing industry. We want Mumbai to be commercial capital and our aim is to promote housing, Mehta said.

*The kind of suggestions and objectives Authority is looking for, the categories are:-

1) Interpretation Vague

2) Government over control

3) Mistakes or Oversights

4) Definitions to be Tightened up

5) Exception and Inclusion must be defined clearly

We are putting a small team who would be looking after suggestions and objections, Mehta added.

The Chief Engineer Officer from MCGM said, “DP plans are available from 3 pm to 5 pm in working hours at head office”.


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