BMC plunging into the costlier concrete for road repairs


By Accommodation Times Bureau

In order to avoid the shutdown of the traffics for long time, while repairing the roads in the city, the civic body has taken a decision of using early strength concrete for the repairs of the roads in Mumbai. 160 roads; out of the 700 odd roads BMC has planned to repair; will be firm concrete roads.

The curing period for early strength concrete is around seven days, which is almost 50% less as compared to the regular concrete, which requires around 14 days of curing. Curing is a systematic process in which concrete is kept at a reasonable temperature, to reduce cracks on the road, in future.

A civic official said, “Currently, early strength concrete is used only for the repair of major concrete roads in the city. The plan is to start using this kind of concrete for all such roads henceforth, so that traffic movement is not affected for very long.” But the expenditure of early strength concrete is nearly 20% more as compared to the regular concrete.

Rais Shaikh, Samajwadi Party leader in BMC, said ‘it might be a good move, if it should not be when the corporation may go face a cash crunch’, he added, “Recently, ‘Octroi’, one of BMC’s biggest revenue sources, was scrapped with the introduction of GST. Early strength concrete will escalate the cost, and with the cash crunch which could arise in BMC, I doubt if we can afford such a luxury. Instead, the whip should be cracked on contractors to ensure they do not shut roads for repairs for unnecessarily long periods,” said Shaikh.

From October 2016 to May 2017, BMC had taken up repairs of 1,004 roads across the city, out of which it completed over 400 only. Civic officials said the advantage of road repairs this year; of those pending 700 odd roads;  was that the work orders had already been given to the builders.So work could directly begin from October.


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