BMC repairs work of 106 minor roads worth Rs 175crores

BMC repairs work of 106 minor roads worth Rs 175crores

By Accommodation Times News Service

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will begin work on 106 minor roads from Kurla to Ghatkopar and parts of Ghatkopar Mankhurd Link Road (GMLR) at the cost of Rs 175crore.

The civic body had floated a tender with the estimated cost at Rs 209crore. However, three contractors have quoted 11 to 20% below the estimated cost and have agreed to construct the roads at the cost Rs 175 crore.

The work of minor roads is taken up after almost eight years. “These are smaller roads which do not experience heavy traffic and are used mostly by local resident. However, the work of these roads was due since past eight years. Finally the BMC under its new mechanism have short-listed these roads after a thorough process,” said Rais Shaik, leader of Samajwadi Party in the BMC. He added that the new roads will make lives of the residents of Govandi Shivajir Nagar and surrounding areas better.

As per the plan, roads department of the BMC had floated tenders for 59 minor roads in Kurla (L Ward) and Shivaji Nagar (M East Ward) with an estimated cost of Rs 61.96crore. However, the contractor, who quoted 15% below the estimated cost, was awarded the contract as he is ready to do the work for Rs 59.61 crore.

In Chembur and Ghatkopar, the BMC plans to take up 47 minor roads. The cost of the work was estimated at Rs 100.20crore. However, the contractors who have quoted 20% below the base price were awarded the contract at Rs 80.16crore.

Department is also taking up parts of GMLR betweem Chheda Nagar Junction to Shivajinagar Junction. This work will cost BMC Rs 41.66crore. However, the roads department had estimated the cost Rs 46.87crore. Contractor had quoted 11.11% below the estimates.


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