BMC to simplify construction license permissions & approvals for developers in Mumbai

By Accommodation Times News Services

bmcIn order to provide a great relief to developers in Mumbai from long processors for construction permissions, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to simplify the process of granting construction license permits.

To achieve the same, BMC is going to appoint Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC) as a consultant, to frame the guidelines for a new construction licence permit system.

Also, BMC has order to bisect the number of processors involved in construction permission and eliminate unnecessary and long processors. The move initiated by BMC will cut the time required for granting permissions to 45 days from the existing minimum of 180 days.

The move is implemented for improving Mumbai’s ranking in ease of doing business, as World Bank has marked the country poorly due to long processor and waiting period for acquiring permissions to set up business.

As per the World Bank Index, city’s rank is amongst the worst on the ‘Dealing with Construction Permits’ count where it ranks 184 out of 189 countries, which was one of the factors responsible for pulling down the country’s ranking on the index.

The official said, “Looking at the poor ranking the government instructed BMC to take majors to improve the ranking and make necessary changes in the process of granting construction permissions and licences. We are targeting to reduce the licence permission process by 25 per cent and its time period by 10 per cent.”

Taking note of the World Bank report, the Centre and the state government have directed the civic body to change the existing system of giving construction licence approvals. We want to reduce the licence permission process by 25 per cent and its time period by 10 per cent.”

The decision to reduce the process and easing it will facilitate developers in completing the projects on given time frame, currently there are ample number of permissions required  construction, power connection, labour, stamp duty, revenue. This will also reduce the cost of the project.

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