BMC very soon banning the political hoarding in Hsg. Societies

By Accommodation Times News Service

Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has in their mind to ban all the political hoardings during the general and assembly polls scheduled for the next elections. It seems to be a very strict action just before the elections and also during the festivals like Ganesh Utsav ongoing and Navratri to come as the hoardings creates a double impact during this time. This is not only restricted to the skylines but strictly to the private properties and also the housing societies.

The present rule of BMC says that as soon as the election schedule is announced the model code of conduct which normally for the 45 days comes into effect. During this period as per BMC norms a candidate could hoist maximum 20 hoardings with permission in a ward. The sanctions were given if he/she made public expenses made on erecting banners in public places. On private places the candidate requires to the take the permissions or consent of occupants of the housing societies.

One of the official said, normally the Elections Commission (EC) asks the local governing agencies to apply their own rules and norms in connection with hoardings during the code of conduct period. But since we are planning to go far a complete ban we thinking of extending it to this period too. Adding further he said unlike the previous year when the city went to polls last approval won’t be granted even if a candidate seeks permission to do so.

Residents of the housing societies have welcomed the decisions demanding a strict plan to implement.

The policy is yet to be confirmed by the higher authorities of the municipal commissioners. However the civic body has also declared to get into action of the Maharashtra Prevention of Defacement of Property Act 1995 and MMC Act 1888 which states that any not observing the rule will be imprisonment.

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