BMC’s new ‘Grey Water Project’ for new constructed building







By Accommodation Times News Service

A new initiative from the BMC to encourage the system of Grey Water Project will create a awareness among the developers and builders. The proposal for the project is pending in the Standing Committee which estimates amount of Rs 20lakh. ‘Grey water project’, the grey water is passed trough sand filters. It is then treated with ‘activated charcoal’. The purified water is then stored in tanks and then it can be used for in households to wash utensils and clothes is purified. This water can also be used for gardening, washing cars or for flushing in the toilets.

A BMC official on the condition of anonymity informed that the civic body has made ‘grey water project’ compulsory for the new buildings. “Since no law has been made in this regard, the civic body feels that greater public awareness needs to be carried out before such law is made”, said the official. He further said that once such law is put into force, it will be applied for the old buildings as well. Presently a citizen in Mumbai uses 30litres of water for washing clothes while 20litres are used for cooking. Additional 30litres are used for toilet flushing. If the ‘grey water project’ is undertaken by each building then it can save 50litres of water per person.

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