Bore-wells to be dug only for household to prevent the drought in Kozhikode

no waterBy Accommodation Times Bureau

Kozhikode-Kerala, March 6, 2017: The district collector issued a norm to restrict construction of bore-wells for commercial purposes. Bore-wells proposals will only be accepted for the household purposes. Considering the drought situation in Kozhikode, these measures are necessary to be imposed as per the officials.

The bore-wells will be necessary during the summer season to the commercial industries as well, hence the new law will be imposed from the end of May. The digging of bore-wells, even for the household purpose needs an approval from the government officials as well as the District Disaster Management authority.

Even for the household bore-well, the diameter should not exceed 4 feet and the dept should not exceed 80 feet. Strict actions will be taken if in case of contravention of the imposed law.

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