Builders roping more on Land scoping in their plans

By Accommodation Times News Service

Developers/ builders has been following a new trend of been giving more focus on the areas surrounding the buildings. According to the developers and builders land-scoping is most importantly eco-friendly and has a great contribution to the environment. A big open plots surrounding the building premises is been developed. Showpieces, trees, lights, tiles, water-body stone are some of the decorative material used in the land scoping. Through this innovative and new ideas Land scoping architects are in demands and the industry is growing almost 18-20%. In fact the trend is becoming popular that land scoping is been used in sports ground, garden lawn etc. in real estate sector the use of land scoping is giving the business a new scope and growth.

More builders who taking in interest says that more of us are into developing green areas of which the land scoping business is on growth rope. Hotels, restaurant, offices, and normal flats are using the trends. Also it does not require much of attention and also it is very cost-effective. Normally 7-10 Rs is the cost for each sq ft.  Once used these grass can be timed for 10-15 years.  Major manufacture of these grasses is China, Singapore, Australia.

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