Building sector uses 40% of electricity, 30% of raw materials, 20% each of water and land: MOEF

By Accommodation Times News Services

Green Smart cityMinistry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change made a detailed presentation on ‘Environmental Guidelines for Buildings’ containing about 30 parameters to be complied with for efficient management of energy, water, land, solid waste, air quality and noise levels during pre-construction, construction and post construction period.

A workshop on ‘Climate Change Mitigation in Urban Sector’ was organized by the Ministry of Urban Development with all the stakeholders  in New Delhi on September 21, 2015

to sensitize the States and other stakeholders to the need for green construction in view of the fact that building sector consumes 40% of electricity generated in the country, 30% of raw materials and 20% each of water and land resources besides generating 30% of solid waste and 20% of effluents.

Further to detailed deliberations among the stakeholders, a broad consensus has emerged on the following major provisions:

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