Buyers in Noida demanding implementation of apartments act

By Accommodation Times News Service

Home buyers in Greater Noida(Noida Extension) have demanded a quick implementation of the UP Apartments Act by the Greater Noida Authority and developers. The demand has been made the entire home buyers group, Noida Extension Flat Owners and Members Association (NEFOMA). This very demand is only after the repeated instances of cancellation of bookings and complains of arbitrary changes in projects by developers. This is happening due to the absence of a proper regulatory mechanism in the real estate sector. NEFOMA members have met with the Union Minister Ajay Maken who has assured them a new law will be acted by the centre to keep the check on developers. Buyers have also put the onus on Greater Noida Authority for failing to ensure that developers in the region follow the rules of the UP Apartment Act.

Founder of NEFOMA said that developers are demanding home buyers to sign addendum to agreements already made, which are completely lop-sided in nature. Contrary to previous agreement now one has to pay for increase in costs of materials or if compensations are to be paid to farmers. A demand has also been made by home buyers that developers provide them with actual site of map pf the project and the amenities promised to them at the time of signing of agreements.

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One thought on “Buyers in Noida demanding implementation of apartments act

  1. In other States e.g. Karnataka,, lately Maharashtra asc well, do not seem to lag behind in keeping up the tradition of indulging in same or similar irregularities. It is the stakeholders, not only the buyers, also the lending Banks , have been made the victims of the villainy, and continuing to long with no let up. The concerned Governments have been willing partners, adding to the woes of the investors, so on. In case what the Urban Minister referred to is the Regulatory Bill pending enactment, then they have to simply keep their fingers crossed and tight, and live with hopes on hopes the kind of changes/improvements it has in store.

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