Buyers not hindered buying flats in pritrapaksha

By Accommodation Times Bureau

According to the Hindu calendar, the month of pritrapaksha is considered to be inauspicious and hence no good deals happen. But this year, it seems that real estate transactions are not obstructed. Buyers against all odds are moving out of their houses and finalizing the deal. Realty prices have gone up, numbers of people are coming back, even in this period.

Analyst say, that despite of high-end prices investors and buyers in the market are cashing in property. In the region of Delhi and NCR despite the downturn, demand is slowly picking up. Also they say that there are changes in the profile of buyers, many NRIs who are the major investors in this sector have come down, and sub-standard likes lawyers, banker’s doctors and businessman are coming up.

There are number of buyers when dealing are willing to wait for months if the constructions is in process and then there are buyers who deterrent to occupy their flats within a week and parallel want surety of good delivery, which somehow shows the track record of builders.

Overall, if we go to see the demand has fallen in the main cities by 40-50%. A new launch has also seen a drop in the sale. Altogether in this period high-end prices are not discouraging the buyers and contrary to this ominous year transactions are done.

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