CAG questioning the unsafe building in Mumbai

By Accommodation Times News Service

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has questioned the mechanism adopted by the Mumbai Building Repair and Reconstruction Board (MBRRB) for identifying old and dilapidated cessed buildings in Mumbai. The report states that there are many difficulties to measure the efficacy of survey methodology adopted by the board. The fact that there too old buildings in the city and many getting collapse which shows inadequacies in the existing survey system. The report has been presented in a six weeks long budget session of thee state government.
To avoid any such tragedy again the CAG has ordered a survey of all dilapidated buildings to the civic bodies in Thane, Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. The report also states that it will also inspect that the administration is seeking traditional method or scientific method as visual inspection of old buildings will not sufficient. A clear instruction that the repair board should adopt the latest technology and scientific methods to identify dangerous structures.
Board officials in their explanation claimed that it is not possible for inspecting old buildings due to complex nature and non- cooperation by tenants. One of officials from said there is no alternative but to adhere visual inspection methodology instead of scientific method.

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