Can company buy Agricultural Land?

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1. A Pvt. Ltd. company CAN CERTAINLY BUY AGRICULTURAL LAND and develop and perform agricultural activities on it, BUT SUBJECT TO the approved provisions of articles and the Memorandum of the and MUST be approved by the Registrar of Companies (ROC). There is no requirement of any director being an agriculturist. The Articles of the Pvt. Ltd. co. should clearly outline the agricultural activities the Pvt. Ltd. proposes to indulge in.

2. Self-use-Farm-house is within the definition of Agricultural activities, BUT subject to various conditions under the Act. A bungalow or a holiday-home built over agricultural land, is not a Farm-house, and would be illegal & unauthorized and subject to demolition by the area tehsildar / collectors office.

3. Agricultural land can be owned ONLY & ONLY by ancestral farmers and strictly not otherwise. Hence by this logic, the Farm-houses can be sold and purchased ONLY & ONLY by farmers / agriculturists and not otherwise, UNLESS AND UNTIL the agricultural land has been duly converted to non-agricultural and THEN a house has been built over it.

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  1. As per provision laid down in section 63 of BT&AL Act, non agriculturalist cannot buy agricultural land in Maharashtra.

    BY DEFAULT, a company CANNOT buy / sell agricultural land for any purposes. IF a company buys agricultural land, without the express permissions of the area collector, THEN such agriculture land can be seized without any compensation to the company plus imprisonment of the directors. However this seizure-parameter is not applicable to non-agricultural lands and few other category lands.

    Within the parameters of Indian Land Laws, a human person can only be a Agriculturist. A company even though holding Agricultural land “CAN-NEVER-EVER” become an agriculturist, by any virtue, HOW-SO-EVER. Within the parameters of Indian Land Laws, a human person can only be a Agriculturist BECAUSE it can propagate another agriculturist. The defination of a “Person” under the General Clauses Act, relatively MAY pertain only to a non-human-person (i.e. a Co.), for relative purposes BUT since a company is not a human-person, and who cannot propogate a family and hence cannot be a agricultural person AND hence the fictional defination of a “Person” under the General Clauses Act, is not applicable, specifically for the various Indian Land Laws.

    If company want to buy agricultural land in that case they have to obtained prior permission from Collector u/s 63(1) and rule 36 of BT&AL Act for NA purpose. Further for bonafide industrial activity company can buy agricultural land as per provision land down in section 63-1A.

  2. Sir,

    I had a land in Raigad district which I sold about 5 yrs back. Is it possible for me to buy agricultural land in Maharashtra, based on the earlier mutation entry of the land sold by me? If not, within what time frame can i buy any other agricultural land after selling my land

  3. I want to use this means to notify the general public / Private and public companies that I have a large number of land for lease, duration can by decades… I can provide up to 3 miles for lease probably for agricultural use in Benin City, Edo state… please contact me via email… tucaptilldeath (@) gmail (dot) com


  4. Hello. I am a not a farmer but want to buy one bunglow in Vasai, Dist. Palghar, Maharashtra. The bunglow that I have identified is built on an Agricultural Land. The owner claims that he has taken all the required approvals from Panchayat however he has not converted the same in to NA land. I have heard that there is some amendments in the land laws in Maharashtra that allows even non farmer to buy Agricultural land. If this is true then can I buy the said Bungalow? And will the title of the Land on which the bungalow is built too pass to me? And will all the relevant records in Talathi or Tehsidar’s office have my name?

  5. hi this is shivakumar from angareddy, medak district telangana. here i want to say that i have a 3 accres of aggriculture land and a want to sell that pl contact me if anybody interest…

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