Soon an ACT against illegal mobile towers within this month

  By Accommodation Times News Service The public accounts committee (PAC) of the state legislature has roped in the officer’s form the Urban Development Department and BMC for their failure in removing the illegal mobile towers in the city and directed the government to initiate action against them in month. Officials said

Addresses along with Jurisdiction area coverage of the Offices of Co-operative Housing Registrar

By Accommodation Times News Services Addresses along with Jurisdiction area coverage of the Offices of Registrar Co-operative Societies, constituted under the Maharashtra Co- operative Societies Act 1960, updated up to Dt. 01-01-2014. ADDRESS & OFFICE OF DIVISIONAL JOINT REGISTRAR, REGISTRAR CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES ? The Divisional Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies, (Mumbai Division): SHRI VIKAS. V. RASAL Divisional Joint

Redevelopment by Tenants and Residents of the Property under Regulation 33(7) of DCR

By V. S. Khemka, Advocate Accommodation Times News Services Grant of extra F. S. I. Under regulation 33(7) of Development Control Regulations would not solve the problems of dilapidated buildings unless fast track procedures are implemented at the offices of Collector, Municipal Corporation and MHADA. The office of Collector takes months even to

FAQ on Karnataka Housing Co-operative Society

By Accommodation Times News Services 1)   What are the norms for the registration of House Building Co-operative societies. ? Persons who are interested to form House Building Co-operative societies should conduct a meeting. In that meeting the name of the society, Area of operation and its objects and a minimum of 09

Dissolution of Registered Societies in Bihar

By Accommodation Times News Services [ 41. Dissolution of Managing Committee. - (1) In the opinion or the Registrar, the Managing Committee of any registered society in which the economic interest of the Govt. is apparently clear, is Mismanaging the affairs of the registered society or is persistently making default or is negligent in

Rate of interest to be charged by the group Housing societies from the defaulting members in Delhi

By Accommodation Times News Services   Office of The Registrar Cooperative Societies (Delhi Admn.) Old Court Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi – 110001 Charging of Penal Interest by Housing Societies No.F:46/Policy/RCS/1333 Dated :28/5/96 Directive Under Rule 77 of The Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules 1973. Sub: Rate of interest to be char2ed by the group Housing societies from the defaulting

“Society Redevelopment” Process | Taxation

By ACCOMMODATION TIMES “SOCIETY REDEVELOPMENT” TAXATION | PROCESS Index 1. Redevelopment / Reconstruction Of Hsg. Society Buildings - 5 2. Categories Of Cessed Buildings (City Limits Only) - 10 3. Transfer Of Development Rights (T.D.R.) (For Suburbs Only) - 12 4. Increase In F.S.I. For Suburbs Of Mumbai - 15 5. Conveyance & Transfer Of Ownership - 23 6. City Survey Records - 26 7. Challenges