Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage What is a Reverse Mortgage? Reverse mortgages enable house owners to access the money they have built up as equity in their houses. Unlike an ordinary mortgage, which involves payments by the borrower to the

Hidden Costs in the Housing Loans

Hidden Costs in the Housing Loans By Madhav Puranik, Chief Manager(Credit), State Bank of India What are the different purposes for which home loan can be taken? Home loan is available for following purposes: i) To purchase or construct a new house/flat ii) To purchase an existing (old) house/flat iii) To extend, repair,

Short Term Effects of Home Loan Disbursements

SHORT TERM EFFECTS OF HOME LOAN DISBURSEMENTS – AN ANALYSIS Dr Sunder Ram Reader in Finance, NMIMS. A recent statement by the CEO of a leading housing finance institution estimated the disbursal of home loans from January to March 2002, by all institutions in India, at Rs.16,500 crore. If the margin

Home Loan and Law

HOME LOANS AND LAW BY VIMAL PUNMIYA LLB (GEN.) In a bid to have a cutting edge some known institutions have sanctioned loans to consumers who unfortunately have been cheated by builders. All consumers need to know relevant laws and their guidelines to avoid falling into squabbles with builders later. This certainly

Five rights of guarantor against creditor

Five rights of guarantor against creditor :- By Advocate M V Kini a) Requiring the creditor to call upon the Principal Debtor also along with the Guarantor to pay off the due debt. b) Available facilities of set off (if any) before payment to the creditor, when sued. c) By paying off the debt,