Madurai growing fast

By Accommodation Times News Services Madurai: Madurai, another tier-two city in southern Tamil Nadu, and another hot-spot for real estate - thanks increasing availability of facilities such as mini-bus services to suburbs, and anticipation of investments especially in the IT and BPO sectors. Today, Madurai suburbs are where all the action takes place,

Coimbatore : Best bet for investment

By Accommodation Times News Services Coimbatore: Coimbatore is a major Tier- II IT city and it has given boost to the city's real estate. Coimbatore is an investor-friendly city and the local authority is investing a hefty amount in infrastructure development. The region is becoming a hub for the service sector. In

Developing Zones : Kakinada

By Accommodation Times News Services Kakinada: Kakinada property is experiencing a rise in its demands.  The city is growing rapidly due to the recently granted Special Economic Zone status.  After completing the SEZ, thousands of jobs in manufacturing and other sectors will be created.  While commercial properties are being sought for

Developing Zones : Guntur

By Accommodation Times News Servives Guntur:Guntur is a city of South Eastern state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also know for an education centre of the state, many reputed educational institutes are located in the city. Due to an education hub and pollution free environment the city is on high demand.

Developing Zones: Tirupati

By Accommodation Times News Services Tirupati:  Tirupati is another noteworthy city in Andhra Pradesh along with IT hub Hyderabad and India's biggest port city Visakhapatnam.  Its tourist potential has added more value in real estate market of the city.  In both segment, residential and commercial properties, the demand has been increasing.

Developing Zones : Vijaywada

By Accommodation Times News Services VIJAYAWADA: Ambapuram, the village where only coriander used to be cultivated until a couple of decades ago, is now a favourite destination for many real estate agents and, of course, the Vijayawada Guntur Tenali Mangalagiri – Urban Development Authority (VGTM-UDA). During the 80s, land in Ambapuram never

Developing Zones : Visakhapatnam

By Accommodation Times News Services Visakhapatnam: For every kind real estate investor, Visakhapatnam is a better option than Hyderabad. Cheaper land cost, cheaper skilled manpower, improving infrastructure and considerable demand are the few best futures of Visakhapatnam.  The city’s real estate market has lesser competition and lesser project costs which lead

Cabinet to approve the Nagpur Metro today

                By Accommodation Times News Service The Cabinet is likely to approve and clear the Nagpur Metro project today. PM Narendra Modi has visited the city to lay the foundation stone for the 39km corridor. Sources said after the public investment board (PIB) approved the proposal, a formal approval from the finance