Can company buy Agricultural Land?

By Accommodation Times News Service Pvt. LTD. COMPANY CAN CERTAINLY BUY AGRICULTURAL LAND 1. A Pvt. Ltd. company CAN CERTAINLY BUY AGRICULTURAL LAND and develop and perform agricultural activities on it, BUT SUBJECT TO the approved provisions of articles and the Memorandum of the and MUST be approved by the

Non- Agricultural Permissions

By Accommodation Times News Service It is the Permission granted for conversion of agricultural use for various non agricultural uses for the land assessed on used for agricultural purpose. In a simplified version it is just the “CHANGE IN USE” of the land. If the land is assessed or held for

Land Acquisition Act

By Accommodation Times New Service When Land is required for public purpose, land will be notified for acquisition under the Land Acquisition Act 1894 and other relevant laws. Land is generally acquired by the government under the following Acts: i.  Land Acquisition Act, 1894 ii.  Bangalore Development Authority Act, 1976 iii.Karnataka Acquisition


By Accommodation Times News Service By CA VIMAL PUNMIYA Amendment in definition of Agriculture land By Finance Bill-2013-14 By the provision of “Sec.2(14) Capital Asset”, Rural agriculture land was exempt from capital gain. For being rural agriculture land, land must be satisfied certain condition laid down in section 2(14).The Finance Minister

Land Revenue Administration

By Accommodation Times News Service History: - The history of Land Administration dates back to the olden days of kings and Kingdoms. The Land Revenue was the major source of revenue for the kings. The prosperity of the kingdom was depending upon levy of tax and its recovery. The Minister of

What sort of Property is yours: Freehold or Leasehold?

By Accommodation Times Bureau These days’ people are quite confused between Freehold property and Leasehold property. In real estate, the words Freehold and Leasehold are very important. These word the status of one’s ownership. Both the words applies to all sort of properties- a plot, a building constructed on that plot, flats by different

Land Reform (Amendment) Bill 2012 passed in Bengal

By Accommodation Times Bureau Kolkata:On this Monday, state government has passed the amendments in Land Reform Bill 2012 in the state assembly by 252-46 votes despite Opposition by Left Front members. The Parliamentary Affairs Minister Partha Chatterjee has introduced the West Bengal Land Reforms (Amendment) Bill 2012 for discussion, as Chief

Housing firm not responsible for encroachment after delivery of possession of the plot to buyer – Supreme Court

Haryana Urban Development Authority Vs. Viresh Sangwan & ANR(SC)- The housing development authority cannot be held responsible for the encroachments made after possession of the plot had been delivered to the allottees.. Neither the original allottee nor those who bought the property later, could accuse the development authority of

Conference on “How to Buy Agriculture Land”

Presents Conference On Agriculture Land Aquisition Process | Documentation | Due Delligence Saturday, 4th June 2011, Hall of Culture, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. Overview : Agriculture Land aquisition is one of the very complex process in India. We have land Revenue Codes, we have huge documentation and besides all this a long