Multiple Registration of Property Documents

Every now and then cases are coming to light, wherein Banks and Housing Finance Companies, referred to herein as the Financial Institutions, have been defrauded and cheated by availing of the finance or the housing loans on the basis of Agreements for Sale or the Deeds of Assignment relating to

Foreign nationals can keep 100% of Post-Tax Salaries

Foreign nationals working in India can now take their entire post-tax salaries home, following a change in rules to this effect by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This will benefit sectors such as aviation, telecom and infrastructure, which employ a large number of expats, making it easier for them

Auction of Non-Existent Flats

By SR Agarwal, Advocate Whenever loans are granted by the banks and housing finance companies, hereinafter referred to as the financial institutions, the flats and the apartments are mortgaged to them, mostly, by way of equitable mortgage and in a very few cases by registered mortgage because of the facts

Agreement to Sell

Agreement to Sell The sale and purchase of immovable property requires considerable time for completion of process and compliance of various obligations, since the stakes are high. Hence both the parties have to come to an agreement regarding the consideration amount, mode of payment and time duration. The terms agreed

Scrutiny of Title Deeds

Scrutiny of Title Deeds Initial steps towards property purchase:- Scrutiny of title deeds of the property is the first and foremost exercise the purchaser’s advocate has to undertake before entering into an agreement with the seller. A clean and marketable title, free from all doubts and encumbrances vested with physical

Will and the Common Man

WILL Will and the Common Man By Advocate Vinod Sampat Mr. X was disappointed. He had counted on funds received from sale of his properties to help him finance after his retirement and to give reasonable amounts to his family members as well as for charities. Mr. X was also in possession of

Is Probate Compulsory?

A probate for a will is required to be obtained only under circumstances mentioned in Section 213 of Indian Succession Act, 1925. Section 213 is reproduced for ready reference:- “Section 213 : Right as executor or legatee when established – (1) No right as executor or legatee can be

Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act paves the way for condos

Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act paves the way for condos By Mahabaleshwar N. Morje Q. What is the object and purpose of Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act, 1970? Ans. This Acts provides for the ownership of an individual apartment in a building and to make such apartment heritable and transferable property. Q. What is meaning of

Property Rights with Hindu Succession Act

Property Rights with Hindu Succession Act By A. T. Bureau The Hindu Succession Act 1956, is the most important enactment to regulate the property rights in Hindu religion. The Act came into force on 17th June, 1956. We will discuss the salient features of the said Act in this article. As per the