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Accommodation Times News Service Q. 1. What is the Bombay stamp Act,1958? The Bombay Stamp Act, 1958 comes into force on 16th February, 1959 and is applicable in the State of Maharashtra. This Act is intended to levy Stamp duty on certain types of documents executed in the State or brought from


By Accommodation Times Bureau By Samir Sanghavi Chartered Accountant Proposed Increase in Stamp Duty on Leave and License Agreements - Amendment to Article 36A of Schedule I to the Bombay Stamps Act, 1958 (“the Act”) Leave and license agreements are charged under Article 36A of Schedule I to the Act. With a


Registration This type of mortgage and the letter evidencing the deposit of title deeds in the nature of a forwarding letter or acknowledgement does not attract stamp duty and registration (See. 59 of TP Act). However, certain states like Maharashtra, Gujarat stipulate that even the mere deposit of title deeds

Stamp duty setback allowed

Stamp duty setback allowed By Vimal Punmiya, Chartered Accountant Important amendment with regard to factual position under the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958 relating to the provisions of investment : - By virtue of ordinance no. Mah. Ord. II of 2005 dated 7th May 2005 wherein, a new article is introduced namely 5(g-d)

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Question and Answers - Accommodation Times Stamp duty on Agreement for Transfer of Share Flat : Q.1. Is it necessary to pay the stamp duty exceeding Rs. 20/- on an Agreement for Transfer of shares in a co-operative society which gives to the Transferee the right to use and occupy

Properties on Collector’s land now allowed to be registered

Properties on Collector's land now allowed to be registered By Advocate Vinod Sampat Hundreds of properties transactions were refused to be registered which were on collector's land in Mumbai after Shri D N Abade, Sr. Officer of Revenue & Forest Department wide circular dated 25th January 2008 given direction to the office

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  STAMP DUTY ON LEAVE AND LICENCE AGREEMENT: By Bankimchandra P. Khona 1) In Maharashtra Stamp Duty on Leave & Licence Agreement is payable as per Article 36 (A) of Schedule - I of Bombay Stamp Act, which reads as under:- "36A. Leave and Licence Agreement. (a) Where the leave and licence Agreement is