Building materials industry to grow by 10% in 2019 backed by massive infra developments

By Ashwin Reddy, Managing Director, Aparna Enterprises Ltd The building material industry is the second largest employer in the country after agriculture, providing a significant contribution to the nation’s economy and employing a large number of people. Currently, it is valued at approximately $126 billion and is accounting for around 8% of India’s

Bangalore – garden city, no more

By Accommodation Times News Service BENGALURU: Bengaluru or more popularly Bangalore has long been considered the nicest city to live in until it started getting threatened by its overflowing trash in recent times. Often considered as the ‘Garden City' of India, Bangalore is now being termed as the ‘Garbage City'. The massive

The Goa of Mumbai: Vasai-Virar

By Accommodation Times News Service VASAI - VIRAR: Vasai-Virar is a subdistrict of Maharashtra and comprising of Palghar District and Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). In fact, it is the most populated area of Palghat District. As per the 2011 census, it is the 5th largest city in Maharashtra. It is located about

Real Estate: A boom is expected in 2020 says President CREDAI – MAHA

By Rohit Sharma MUMBAI: Real Estate sector is a major contributor towards the Indian economy and its rapid growth may contribute more towards the nation. ‘House for all by 2022’ is a major boost to the sector, this lead to an increase in demand and supply. In an exclusive interview with Shantilal

Details of MMRDA projects in 2018

By Accommodation Times Bureau MUMBAI: The Authority, in the year 2018, has undertaken many mega infrastructure projects and the paved way forward towards completing them on a war footing. The two Metro corridors – 18.5-km Dahisar-W to DN Nagar Metro-2A (Rs 6,410 crore) and 16.5-km Andheri-E to Dahisar-E Metro-7 Corridor (Rs 6,208 crore)

Statistics: Year ender of Ministry of Housing

By Accommodation Times Bureau NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has embarked upon one of the most ambitious programmes undertaken in the world for an Urban renaissance for rejuvenating and transforming Indian cities through several initiatives including an infusion of more than Rs 6,85,758 crore for ensuring citizen

Forecast of Indian real estate industry in 2019

- By Madhusudhan G., Chairman and MD, Sumadhura Group Post the revival of the Indian real estate sector through a series of initiatives by the government, the confidence of the homebuyers has increased with a clear understanding of the market. The developers, on the other hand, have also witnessed a smooth regulatory business

Hyderabad market’s unsold inventory reduces by 29%

By Rakesh Reddy, Director Aparna Constructions The residential real estate market has made a strong comeback in 2018 especially in metros and tier 1 cities. Even corporate leasing has seen a fair share of rising as compared to the previous years. With the growing economy and the rising GDP, the momentum is

How would be Real Estate in 2019?

By Ravindra Pai, Managing Director, Century Real Estate Since 2019 is an election year for the country, the sentiments in the real estate sector will be muted. With the implementation of macroeconomic reforms like RERA and GST, the sector is getting more organized with consolidation being the new buzzword/key. This trend