Real Estate Housing and the Five Year Plans

Recent 5 year plans: Brief Overview In the first segment, we take a look at the transition of policies and their implications towards the real estate market. The snapshot of the 7th, 8th and 9th plan are taken, while the 10th 5 year plan is taken in more detail. While the urbanization


Introduction The Indian real estate market is growing rapidly driven by a buoyant economy, and a favourable regulatory environment. As a result of this growth, the funding requirement for commercial real estate is increasing substantially. Though the real estate exposure of banks has grown significantly, only five banks accounted for


Introduction The Shanghai Story In 1987, Shanghai was dimly lit, unpainted financial wreck, at a time when China would soon be reeling from the international backlash following the bloody Tiananman crackdown. However, with Zhu Rongji’s term as mayor from 1987 to 1991, the city witnessed vast renaissance like improvements. “One-chop Zhu” –


WHAT IS PROJECT FINANCE ? Project finance refers to the financing of long term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services based upon a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure where project debt and equity used to finance the project are paid back from the cash flow generated by the project. There

Mumbai Mill Land Re-Development

Mumbai is having 437.71 sq.kms of land . Total land available or occupied is 68.71 sq.kms in the city, 210.34 sq.kms, in suburbs and 158066 sq.kms for extended suburbs. With density of population just above 45000 per sq.kms, the mega city has vast area of land to reduce the density.


INTRODUCTION OF REAL ESTATE FUNDS Real Estate Funds are one of the hottest things in the developed world as an investment tool. They have become a rage in the developed world mainly because it does not have any correlation with the movements in the equity markets and thus providing diversification benefits

Is Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Justified ?

Introduction Coastal zones today are the hub of maximum human activity and are under increasing pressure due to high rate of human population growth, development of various industries, mining, fishing, industrial waste effluents and discharge of municipal sewage. It is estimated that by the year 2005, 50% of the world

Information Technology key for Future of Real Estate Management

Introduction It is now possible for someone working at their computer to tour a property and its surroundings neighborhood and/or we get approved for loan without using a real estate broker or banker directly. With this kind of service available on the information superhighway a commonly asked question has become ,

Impact of release of Mill Land in Mumbai

INTRODUCTION Mill land has suddenly become the most important subject for real estate development in Mumbai. The magnitude of land is very vast. Mumbai, commercial capital of India, is having scare land and vast potentially to develop it. Private participation in developing Mumbai cannot be compared. These days talk to anybody in


Robust growth in the housing finance market The housing finance market has recorded Robust growth in the last five years, clocking a CAGR of about 40% between FY 1999 and FY 2004. Residential mortgage debt as a % of GDP was a mere 0.58% in 1994 which has moved upto 2.21%