Center approves new infra development scheme for North East with 100% finance

narendra-modi-92-1By Accommodation Times Bureau

The Union Cabinet has approved the introduction of new Central Sector Scheme of “North East Special Infrastructure Development Scheme” (NESIDS) from 2017-18 with 100% funding from the Central Government to fill up the gaps in the creation of infrastructure in specified sectors till March, 2020.

Features of NESIDS:

The new scheme will broadly cover creation of infrastructure under following sectors:-

a) Physical infrastructure relating to water supply, power, connectivity and especially the projects promoting tourism;

b) Infrastructure of social sectors of education and health.

Benefits of NESIDS:

The assets to be created under the new scheme of NESIDS will not only strengthen health care and education facilities in the region but will also encourage tourism thereby the employment opportunities for local youth. The scheme will act as a catalyst in the overall development of the region in the years to come.

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