CIDCO‘s redevelopment projects to get 2.5 FSI

By Accommodation Times Bureau

Many dilapidated building in Navi Mumbai once constructed by CIDCO which are now redeveloping getting 2.5 FSI. According to CIDCO the new plan of 2.5 FSI is only for the economically backward, middle income group and low income group. State government in July 2007 had made a plan for low budget house for the low budget income group. Looking at the increasing population and the increasing need of affordable house the plan was drafted, this draft was promulgated not only in Mumbai MMRDA but in all over state. The civic department to fulfill this entire gap has permitted 2.5 FSI to CIDCO and MHADA redevelopment project and soon the proposed draft will be announced publicly for suggestion and objection.

There are almost 20 to 30 buildings in need of redevelopment and CIDCO has still not approved the 2.5 FSI policy. Majorly these buildings on land which is now under the surveillance of CIDCO. There is a talk between the Dr. Sanjeev Naik the member of parliament had suggested that there is high need for the makeover of the all the buildings which are in most bad condition and all the redevelopment project should get 2.5 FSI. There is still a final notification to come from CIDCO and state government.

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