CIDCO demolishes illegal construction in Kharghar

Budhavihar-1By Accommodation Times Bureau

As directed by the High Court and according to the directives of Additional Collector Shri. Shivraj Patil, the

court has issued directives to demolish all illegal structures, which are not protected by rules & regulations,

policy of CIDCO or State Govt. of Maharashtra and submit the report to Court. Accordingly, Additional

Collector Shri Shivraj S. Patil, CIDCO and CUC(S) arranged the demolition drive in plot numbers 212, 213 and

214 in sector 13 of Kharghar node on 14 th February, 2017.

However, due to stiff resistance of local religious structure holder group, even with 70 police personnel, the

demolition could not be undertaken. The leader of RPI Shri Jagdish Gaikwad had requested in writing to

permit one day to remove the statue of Lord Gautam Budha and Dr. Babasaheb Ambekar. Accordingly,

CUC(S) team moved to some other site where an unauthorized multi-storied building near Plot No.21,

Sector-34A, Pharsipada, Kharghar had been demolished partly due to sunset.

The drive was again organized on 15 th February, 2017 with sufficient Police Personnel. In this drive, the

Buddha Vihar was demolished and the plot was cleared as per Hon. High Court’s Order vide Write Petition

No. 7446 of 2014.

During the demolition drive, CUC Team led by CUC(S), Shri. D.K. Jogi, ACUC Ms. Shri. S.R. Rathod, and

Assistant Designated Officers Shri. D.Z. Namwad and Shri. R.S. Chavan and AEE(CUC) Shri S.S. Salunkhe

carried out the demolition drive smoothly.

This drive was undertaken with the assistance and support of P.I Shri. Dileep Kali, along with 130 police

personnel. ASO (CIDCO) Shri Survase and SA Gosavi along with security guards too, present during the

demolition drive. 2 crushers, 1 poclain, 3 trucks, 10 jeeps and 50 labourers were deputed for this drive.

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