CIDCO gaming 51 flats before Diwali

By Accommodation Times Bureau

A good news for the high-end section of people who wants to buy luxury flats in Seawoods-NCR complex which is been developed by CIDCO. Known to be planner of city Navi Mumbai it has now planned to sell 51 apartments by lottery system before the coming festival Diwali.

Flats-2 BHK worth crores

The 51 apartments CIDCO is contemplating for lottery is all 2BHK of 1300-2400 sq meters. As these residences are only for top-notch buyers the prices are ranging from 1.48 crores to 2.50 crores. The highest bidders name will be announced before the festival. Now the question arises of these flats, so the story goes this way, the 51 flats are the remaining of 252 flats which were built in 2007, 197 flats where sold at cost of 7500 sq meter  and 63 flats were reserved. Again only 20 flats were sold from the 63 but for uncertain reasons 8 buyers return their assets.

Public opines, too costly to buy

Analysts says, definitely the prices are very high. Today where every person is looking for affordable housing these set prices will create are disappointments in hearts of the middle-class who are majority buyers. CIDCO the planner of Navi Mumbai at one time had given ample of low budget houses and is now selling worth crores. When questioned the common man they are very disheartened and say, it is very unfortunate to see that CIDCO is ranking such prices where big-time builders hesitate to do.

Prices are reasonable-CID CO

According to the authority of CIDCO the prices which are kept for these 51 flats are valedictory as they are made only for the high-end buyers. One of official said that we are coming up with low-cost budget home for the middle-class section in which the range will be from 15-lakh to 50 lakhs.

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