CIDCO is launching new housing scheme from 1st August

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cidcoCity and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) is launching new housing scheme in Kharghar for low income groups and economically weaker sections ‘Swapnapurti’. CIDCO has taken charges of the constructing the housing project of 3154 flats and will commence construction from August 1, 2014. This housing project is expected to be completed by March 2016.

Reputable institutions of schools and colleges have implemented this Kharghar Navi Mumbai incidence of educational hubs. Considering the growing demand for housing, the project is initiated. Earlier this Kharghar city spegeti, vastuvihara, Celebration, architecture and the like, have been developed in the housing project CIDCO.

For all houses that aims to achieve route later as step Kharghar city, Sector -36 in approximately 7.97 hectares of spacious plot on the necessity that the grhasankulata economically weaker sections 7 to level 22 buildings, 704 houses, the low-income group, 14 storeys of 32 buildings, 2,450 houses were constructed are not. The plan gharansobata shops, stalls will be constructed and kiyoskadekhila.

Own claim to be the common dream home might be fulfilled under 6 are allowed to pay the same premium amount for all the house. Executive spacious room, bedroom, svayampakagrha, toilet and bathroom with a housing project vhitriphaida phloringa, siremika tiles, kansilda wiring, genaita tailsasahita perfect home cooking, 24 hour water supply, bathroom with modern facilities and state of the art fire fighting system or facility will be given. Various banks and financial institutions to get a home loan.

Economically weak area of 28.55 sqm house Its value is estimated at Rs. 15,78,300 is estimated. If the low-income groups in the area of 34.36 sq house. I know. Its value is estimated at Rs. 23,93,000 ranges. House for economically weaker component isara deposit Rs. If this amount of Rs 25,000 for low-income group. Is 50,000. Economically weak groups in monthly income of Rs. If the monthly income of less than Rs 16,000 for the low-income group. 16.001 Rs. Should be between 40,000. The applicant must be a resident of Maharashtra for 15 years, and the applicant’s own wife or not, and depending on the name of the persons mentioned in Navi Mumbai house must.

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