Cidco sold five plots in Navi Mumbai for Rs. 235 crore

By Accommodation Times News Services

cidco_bhavanThe demand for land in the Navi Mumbai is high, this can be concluded by today’s auction held by City and Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco) for sale of five prime plots in the area for Rs. 235 crore.

Cidco today sold five plots in the auction in Belapur, Nerul and three in Sector No. 13, in Belapur the a  4,000 sq. m. plot was sold for Rs. 1.85 per sq. m., the 1,600 sq. m. plot in Nerul was sold for Rs. 2.82 lakh, the three pots in Sector no. 13 measuring 19,000 sq.  m. was sold for 2.11 lakh per sq. m. another 16,000 sq. m. was sold for 2.22 lakh per sq. m. and the third one 1,450 sq. m. was sold for 2.31 sq. m.

Mr. Manoj Shroff, Navi Mumbai based developer said, “The demand for plots was high, total 83 bidders had participated in the auction. Compared to last year the prices of the plot were low.”


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