CIDCO to set third new Navi Mumbai

By Accommodation Times Bureau

On the map and footprints of Navi Mumbai CIDCO has taken the responsibility to set third new New Bombay near Karnala in Khopta land. The city will be set-up on the ground of Panvel and Uran which was notified on 4thApril 2012. CIDCO being the special planning authority has first developed Navi Mumbai and after towns of Uran now it has its focuss on the area near Karnala.

Question arises why there is a need to plan an altogether new city. The answer to this is that CIDCO is a known fact that in 1970 it has developed the Navi Mumbai city for 20 lakh people which is now on the verge of completion.  Leaving some airport and remaining projects, Navi Mumbai is saturated, also according to the current scenario of real estate industry there are hardly any chance for affordable housing. Keeping all this in mind, for normal and median working people it became mandatory to inhabit the population.

Closely taking a look on the plan, the third Navi Mumbai will be together of 32 villages in which 7 villages in Panvel and 25 villages in Uran. The total area used will be 9,993 hectare. The main village will be Karnala, Tara, Dolghar, Dighati, Barapada, Kasarbhat which will be 20 to 35 kilometer away.

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