Civic body fines Rs 10,000 to parking contractor

By Accommodation Times Bureau


When the municipal team got irregularities by parking sensor on August 9, the Chairman of the Committee, Mahesh Kalvani, collected a penalty of Rs 10,000 from parking contractor.

Kalwani told that “The inspection of the parking on the complaint of people came in many irregularities. Parking sensor had neither placed a board of parking fee on the spot nor was it found to be taking more than the amount prescribed by the Municipal Corporation of Jaipur. The municipal stamp was not taken even on the parking receipt, the sensor had kept the receipt bogus print and simultaneously giving the same receipt to two-two drivers.”

On this occasion, the sensor was summoned to the spot and charged a penalty of ten thousand rupees and instructed him to board a parking fee in 24 hours and not to use irregularities in the future.



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