Civic body should focus on the sustainable development of the city: CM

By Accommodation Times Bureau


In the next ten-and-a-half years, the world’s temperature will rise by two degrees and will result in water shortage and drought. To overcome this crisis, there is a need to create a carbon emission reduction mechanism. It requires a decentralization of solid waste management and sewerage, CM Devendra Fadnavis said and urged Municipal corporations to create the source of their income and increase the sustainable development of the city.

The 18th Mayor Conference was organized by Maharashtra State Mayor-Council on Vasantrao Naik Agricultural Research Center, Nagpur. The Chief Minister was speaking at the inauguration of this conference.

A country like India has moved towards sustainable development. By 2030, it is necessary to bring the transport system to electric vehicles or bio-fuels. This will reduce the pollution of the cities. The city’s wastewater and communication system have become contaminated due to the city’s wastewater management system and it has become necessary to build a carbon emission reduction system, he said.

He said that “The cities will not get a place for the dumping ground but there will be space to build solid waste management process. The Chief Minister said that the dumping of garbage in the city has now expired. Using new technology, recycling the wastewater and making the income from it should be the municipal agenda. Construction of Electronic Transportation System by giving priority to solid waste management, zero per cent waste, garbage collection, garbage disposal.”

Large-scale development plans have been approved in the last four years. They should be used for municipal development a sum of Rs 12 crores was being given to the municipal corporation. The fund 3,200 crores have reached up to 5,200 crores in various ways, the Chief Minister said.

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, Transport and Water Resources said, “Development plan should be approved only after meeting the requirements of electricity, water, roads and communication system. Though the corporation’s income is low, opportunities for generating income generation through various means are available with the corporations.”

He appealed to the citizens to take their cities to clean, beautiful and sustainable development, considering how the corporation will grow their own produce. Though it is a big question of solid waste management, it is not difficult to take measures. The Central Government will approve 10% plastic, 10% rubber and 10% glass mixed roads, which will lead to road development of the city along with solid waste management questions, he added.

Nagpur Metro Station will be the growth engine of the city. NMC will also get the source of income from this. Gadkari said that other municipal corporations should establish a commercial complex and strengthen their source of income. With the introduction of an electric transport system, the environment will be protected with the saving of fuel.

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